exterior of indoor music arena 3Arena in Dublin.

Visit Dublin for a Concert in the 3Arena

Dublin is renowned for its rich musical heritage and pulsating nightlife. Among the city’s many attractions, the 3Arena stands as a beacon of live entertainment, welcoming international superstars, and homegrown talent alike.

Dublin is renowned for its rich musical heritage and pulsating nightlife. Additionally, among the city’s many attractions, the 3Arena stands as a beacon of live entertainment. Welcoming international superstars, and homegrown talent alike.

Whether you’re a seasoned concertgoer or a curious newcomer. The 3Arena promises an extraordinary experience that will leave you breathless. Moreover, now, it’s time to look for a hotel near 3Arena to make a night of it.

Stepping into the indoor arena is akin to entering a world of phenomenal acoustics. Furthermore, it has state-of-the-art production, and an electrifying atmosphere. Additionally, the venue’s spacious layout, with an impressive capacity of over 13,000, ensures that every seat offers an exceptional view of the stage. Whether you’re perched high in the stands or basking in the energy close to the stage.

The 3Arena’s calendar is a testament to its diverse programming. Hosting a mesmerizing array of genres, from electrifying rock concerts to soul-stirring ballads. From global icons with the biggest names like Elton John and Taylor Swift to homegrown heroes like Hozier and The Script, the 3Arena has something to offer every music aficionado.

Beyond the concerts themselves, the 3Arena experience extends to the seamless planning and execution of your entire Dublin getaway. With its convenient central location in the heart of the city’s vibrant Docklands district, the 3Arena is easily accessible by public transport or taxi to North Wall Quay.

For those seeking a convenient and comfortable stay, the Hendrick Smithfield offers an unparalleled sleep after dancing the night away to your favourite musician. 

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Sip on a cocktail in the our Hotel bar near the 3Arena

Planning Your Dublin Concert Adventure

To ensure the ultimate concert experience, it’s essential to plan your trip in advance. Check the 3Arena’s event calendar to find upcoming concerts that match your musical preferences. Once you’ve secured your tickets, book your accommodation at one of the many featured hotels near the venue. 

We’re not biased, but if you’re looking for a brilliant hotel in an iconic location in Smithfield, you should check out the Hendrick

Transport in Dublin

If you’re taking the train up to Dublin, make sure to grab the Luas from Heuston to Smithfield (only 2 stops) to check in, drop off your bags, and get ready for your big night out.

To head to the 3Arena Dublin, grab the Luas again from Smithfield in the direction of The Point. Your journey should take about 20 minutes and get off once you’ve reached The Point- this is the old name of the music venue, and many Dubs still fondly refer to it as such! (Just don’t mention the O2 Arena…)

On big concert nights, the Luas can get busy. So give yourself plenty of time to travel and grab a drink near the 3Arena if you get there early! There are pleanty of nearby locations to the concert venue to grab a pint or two! 

To get back to The Hendrick Smithfield, you have a few options.

  1. Grab the Luas back to Smithfield but as mentioned, it can be very busy and you could be waiting a while. This is the most budget friendly option and there can be craic on the Luas with other concertgoers.
  2. Grab a taxi– there are usually taxis waiting outside the 3Arena on big concert nights so you can just go to the rank or hail one using a taxi app. FreeNow and Bolt are the most popular in the city. It’s about a 15-minute drive, but if it’s busy it can take 30 minutes. 
  3. Walk back! If you fancy some fresh air and it’s not raining, then the walk along the Quays can be great! It gives you the option of stopping somewhere for a night cap or enjoying the fresh air after dancing your heart out.As always, make sure you’re walking back in a group or with a partner and stay in the well-lit areas along the quays.
  4. Driving is not a great option, parking is limited. Staff at the 3Arena will be on hand. Making sure that anybody parking at the event venue has made a pre booking. 

Pre- and Post-Concert Activities in Dublin

Dublin is a city that comes alive at night. Offering a wealth of activities to complement your concert experience. Here are some suggestions for pre- and post-concert entertainment:


  • Grab a pre-concert drink in The Hendrick bar. We offer 2 cocktails for €22 every night of the week 😊
  • Fuel up before the gig – there are so many wonderful restaurants around Smithfield to get some food before getting the Luas. Places we love are Fish Shop, Token, McGettigan’s, and Frank Ryan’s.
  • If you get to the 3Arena early, grab a drink in The Green Room, a nice bar just around the corner from the venue.
The Hendrick Smithfield Lobby Wine Glasses
Have a nightcap at the Hendrick hotel near 3Arena


  • If you want to keep the night going, then you can head to any of the amazing pubs in the city. The Wiley Fox is a 10-minute walk along the quays, the Ferryman is on the other side of the river liffey, just cross the Samuel Beckett Bridge, or if you’re feeling very energetic you can head to Temple Bar.
  • Head back to The Hendrick Smithfield for a night cap in our ground-floor cocktail bar before retiring to your luxurious King Koil Mattress and excellent power shower.

Stay at a hotel near 3Arena: A Gateway to Unforgettable Memories

The 3Arena stands as a testament to Dublin’s passion for music. Along with its ability to create unforgettable experiences for concertgoers. With its diverse programming, world-class facilities, and convenient location, the 3Arena is the ultimate destination for music lovers seeking an unforgettable concert experience.

So, plan your Dublin getaway and secure your tickets. Prepare to be swept away by the magic of the 3Arena. The iconic venue is similar to the Hendrick in many ways. It’s packed with incredible artists, perfect location in the city, and within walking distance to some great bars! 

Book a hotel near 3Arena for your gig!

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Experience the full potential of Dublin’s fair city. Soak up the history and authenticity of the Big Smoke. Stay the night after you jam out to your favourite artist.

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