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Eating in Smithfield

Dinner in the hood

Try out some of the amazing dining experiences that we can offer you within minutes of our front door

Places to Eat in Smithfield Dublin

Finding a place to eat in Smithfield is easy, but choosing which one you want to go to is the hard part. We’ve happily tried a lot of them, numerous times to be honest and we cannot recommend these enough. Taking a trip from Hendrick street to the welcoming atmosphere of Smithfield Square and beyond.

Breakfast & Lunch in Dublin 7

Third Space Cafe

Known for creating a home for good food and great coffee in Smithfield. Third Space provides people in the community with a warm space to enjoy regularly, informally and inexpensively. Any profit from this wholesome cafe is reinvested into the community directly, so you’re always sure to see smiles of the faces of those cooking up delicious dishes in the kitchen.

Guests of the Hendrick get 10% off in Third Space when you show them your room key, an excellent choice for lunch!

Mad Yolks

Founded by brothers Hugh and Eoin O’Reilly in 2018, this was once a food truck tackling amazing food with quick service at festivals and markets.

Now, the brothers have opened their first restaurant on Smithfield square. They are constantly growing and evolving in an effort to share their love of eggs with as many people as possible. This breakfast cafe is just a five minute walk from our hotel.


Going back to 2017 Paddy, the founder of Nutbutter, arrived home from California with a passion for fresh food and a long to-do list. 12 months later, they opened the doors with a handful of friendly staff and within a couple of days became the firm favourite of food lovers.


One of the more popular spots isn’t just a restaurant, it’s a micro roastery offering coffee with complexity in each cup. You’ll have an amazing time, whether it’s coffee or food you’re in for.

Like Nutbutter, Urbanity brings healthy food and hearty flavours together with an awesome mix of breakfast sandwiches & lunch dishes in the coffee house.


We often hear the term hidden gem thrown around with places in Dublin, but since setting up shop in Smithfield in 2018, Oxmantown has consistently put out winner after winner on it’s daily special sandwich on their lunch menu.

While it’s not the most exciting, the basic chicken sandwich packed with sage and onion stuffing on the fresh bloomer bread. Just paired with a plain cup of coffee hits the spot when it comes to light bites at lunch.

There is a comprehensive list of places to eat in smithfield, all have friendly service and the freshest food. Wherever you land in our neighbourhood you’re sure of some brilliant meals.

Where to eat Dinner in Smithfield

As the afternoon passes by, and you’ve spent your day exploring the treasure trove of the Cobblestone, you’ll start to feel peckish. You don’t need to step foot outside Dublin 7 to find authentic Italian food, diner style dishes, and fine dining delicacies. If you’ve missed out on an amazing lunch make sure you call into one of these spots for dinner.

Fish Shop

For an island, Ireland doesn’t appreciate our outstanding produce especially fish. The amazing staff at Fish Shop in Smithfield ensure that every guest leaves not only with a belly full of expertly cooked hot food. They also leave with a new found passion for the fish in Ireland’s shores.

Seating at this wine bar come restaurant is limited, but the intimacy creates a beautiful atmosphere. Fish, Chips, Oysters, White Wine and tonnes of conversation with those sat beside you on what could be the best ‘chipper’ experience you’ll have. By the way, it’s not even a two minute walk from your room.

All Bar Chicken

Next door to the famous L. Mulligan Grocer’s, you wouldn’t be surprised to think this is a vegan restaurant. However, ABC is home to ‘Chicken n Choons’ and marinates Chicken Strips in a buttermilk and tea brine before coating them with a flour dusting then frying.

You’re not expected to only have strips and wings, you’ll find chicken burgers and chicken salads on the menu too. For those who thought ‘All Bar Chicken’ would be a veggie restaurant, you’re not wrong either. Their cauliflower florets get tossed in sauce and served with a tangy blue cheese dip for the vegetarians!


We’re not sure to put Bonobo in places for a drink, or places to eat in Smithfield. However, one thing we do know, Pizza Smithfield, they’re two words that belong together at Bonobo.

You’ll find beers and spirits in here, but the stars of the drinks list are in the cocktails. From the house creations, you find items that wouldn’t look out of place on the shopping list of a county dublin mum, with milk and cream. However firm favourites of the Pineapple marg or the Ryan Gosling make your meal turn from a quick bite to an elongated stay at this bar.


Packed with vintage furnishings and a line of taps filled with craft beers, Oscars is located on Smithfield plaza and has long offered a hearty modern fare. This craft bar offers a number of menus to choose from and includes a complete plant based offering also.

McGettigan’s Townhouse

This charming townhouse offers much more than meets the eye outside. Inside you find a traditional pub with tons of options for drinks, including a fine selection of top shelf spirits.

Dining options are limited to Thursday – Saturday, but you’re sure of quick service and amazing food. The menu is a nice casual dining experience and the attentive staff will ensure that you find something you would like.


Like Bonobo, Token offers cracking drinks, authentic arcade experience and an American diner style meal without the abysmal service of a chain restaurant. With over 40 machines, 3 bars, an extensive food menu for all tastes this is one of the top places to eat in smithfield

It’s not all just beef burgers and onion rings either. You’ll find tacos, hot dogs, wings and nachos too. One thing that you cannot miss is the ‘big mac’ dipping sauce, it’s better than the real thing!

When you’re finished dining, it’s time to get your tokens. Guests of the Hendrick get 4 free tokens when you show your room key! Choose from Tekken to TMNT, PinBall to Just Dance, you’re never going to be without a game to play in Dublin’s favourite Barcase.

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