The Hendrick Smithfield: A Beacon of freshness in Sustainable Hotel Industry

LEED Gold certification logo - Sustainable Hotel Dublin

This Earth Month, let’s celebrate innovation and leadership in sustainable practices! The Hendrick Smithfield in Dublin is raising the bar for eco-friendly hospitality, becoming the first LEED Gold certified accommodation provider in all of Ireland. Being a sustainable hotel means much more than just refilling soap dispensers you know, the Hendrick have committed to reducing our carbon footprint in many ways. We partake in a programme called LEED gold, which focuses on the commitment to sustainability from businesses with the hospitality industry and beyond.

What is LEED Gold?

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a globally recognized program that sets the gold standard for green building. The Hendrick’s Gold certification signifies their exceptional commitment to reducing their environmental impact across all aspects of their operation. Our sustainability efforts have helped to reduce the carbon emissions of our eco friendly hotel.

How is The Hendrick Achieving Sustainability?

Water Wise: The Hendrick uses clever plumbing choices and rainwater harvesting to reduce water consumption by 35%. We encourage our guests to ditch bottled water for freshly filtered drinking water at the bar. We’ve removed single use plastic water bottles from our sustainable hotel.

Energy Efficiency Champions: From high-efficiency appliances to solar energy, The Hendrick boasts a 35% energy cost saving, lessening their environmental footprint. We’re big fans of renewable energy, it helps us to create a positive impact on our energy consumption.

Breathing Easy: By using low-VOC materials and advanced air ventilation systems, The Hendrick prioritizes healthy indoor air quality for guests and staff.

Waste Warriors: The Hendrick reduces waste through responsible recycling programs for both construction and daily operations.

Location, Location, Sustainability: Situated in a well-connected area, The Hendrick minimizes the environmental impact of development and encourages sustainable transportation with easy access to public transport and bike storage.

We’re in the heart of smithfield, and only moments from the central business districts of the IFSC, and Dublin City Centre. Dublin Airport has easy bus links to the Hendrick. This makes our eco-friendly hotel the convenient option for business travellers.

Building on the Past: The Hendrick cleverly reused materials from demolished structures on the site, reducing landfill waste. This process of using sustainable materials helped us to become start our green hotel operations long before we opened our doors.

Innovation at its Finest: The Hendrick utilizes LED lighting throughout, minimizes noise pollution, and even educates guests about the benefits of green buildings, now that is sustainable tourism.

A Model for the Future

The Hendrick Smithfield isn’t just a luxurious modern hotel; it’s a sustainability leader. Their commitment to the environment paves the way for a greener future in hospitality. This Earth Month, let’s celebrate their achievements and be inspired to make more sustainable choices in our own lives!

We’ve struck the perfect blend of sustainability practices with comfortable vacation, our friendly staff will always be on hand to help you during your stay.¬†For the eco-conscious traveller, we have a number of events happening at the Hendrick in April to celebrate Earth Month. If you’re interested in any of these events, then ensure you book your place!